Peter Jackson

I just wanted to register my appreciation for the great service I received yesterday. We were due to attend my Aunt's funeral at 1200 in Gosport and had set off allowing maybe half an hour for unforeseen delays. We soon discovered one - a problem with the near side front tyre. The local garage looked at it and recommended we came to you for a new tyre but my heart sank as I saw just how many cars were waiting to be worked on! However I explained the problem and the urgency to your friendly and extremely helpful manager and the whole problem was resolved in 15 to 20 minutes - very impressive and all done with a smile. We got to the funeral in time and I am truly grateful for the way you handled the whole episode. There must be something in the air in Somerset because I doubt that I would have got such service here in the Commuter belt of Buckinghamshire - and the price was reasonable too! Many thanks again for everything - it was greatly appreciated Peter Jackson

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01460 72037

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